Our New Zealand Sales

Within New Zealand we also send boxes of cymbidium orchids out just as we do for export. All our orchid stems are personally checked, sleeved, a water vial placed on the end of the stem before being packed into Tetron and boxed and couriered to you.
You can buy boxes of 'one colour' or boxes of 'mixed colours' - the choice is yours!
We Pack 8's, 10's, 12's or 15 stems of orchids per box - (approx 100 plus blooms in each box)
We have many different shades in our colour range of Pink, White, Green, Yellow and Novelty colours. See our 'Catalogue' for available colours.

Our Customers

Our Taranaki customers are equally as important to us. We work directly with businesses, florists and supermarkets to provide regular orders of fresh blooms. During the May to November season, our orchids brighten workplaces and homes, grace wedding bouquets and floral arrangements, appear on funeral caskets and star in ball-night corsages. Florists, floral arrangers and flower lovers can build their own bouquets, posies and arrangements around our dramatic orchids.

Come in and talk to our friendly staff about your requirements or visit our nursery shop where you will find a great selection of orchids to choose from.


Our On-site Shop

During our Orchids Season (June-December) our on-site shop at 18 Ninia Rd, (off Corbett Rd), Bell Block is open six days a week(closed Sundays) from 8am and sells cymbidiums orchids in a variety of ways. Customers can buy orchid stems, bunches (at various $ amounts), bouquets (made to order), and even potted orchid plants. PLEASE NOTE:- Potted Orchid plants are gate sales only - no courier service available.

While we specialize in cymbidiums, we do have some potted dendrobiums, mini orchids and other potted household plants for sale also.